Welcome ! I'm So Happy You're Here !

Let me tell you a little bit of why Sacred Rebel come about.  I'll leave the back story and details for your enjoyment in a later email, if you haven't subscribed, make sure to scroll to the bottom of our home page and do so! One day, around August of 2017, after practicing yoga an average of 3 times per week for over a year, I decided I wanted to open a yoga studio so that there would be a place dedicated solely to all things Yoga and so that more people could experience the amazing practice I'd grown to love. I made a decision to invest in myself and take the training to become a Registered Yoga Teacher. My passion for making this happen was undeniable. I couldn't hide it or stop it no matter how strongly the doubt and fear, had I let it, would creep in. I pressed forward. I took one step at a time, trusting that if I just moved forward, in the direction of that dream, it would happen. 

It didn't happen without sacrifice and uncertainty and a real fear of failure at times. But overcoming that fear and allowing faith to take over - I made small changes, one by one, that needed to happen to bring it to fruition. With each step forward, seeing no real path, but trusting that it was there, another door would open and the next step would be illuminated. Nothing in life is certain. Change is scary as hell ! But I knew, just as I've read, nothing magical ever happens inside our comfort zone. Do you have a dream ? Are you letting fear of failure, judgment, the loss of your comfortable circumstance, or something else hold you back ? I encourage you to go for it ! Whatever it is ! Lean into the fear and inch by inch overcome it !!! There is no such thing as failure - only learning what doesn't work. If your experience is anything like that of  mine and so many others, Yoga will help you to overcome your fears, blocks, and emotional traumas that keep you from living your best life.  You will find a tribe of amazing yogis at Sacred Rebel standing in your corner cheering you on ! 

So much love your way ! Chantell