Aerial Yoga in Farmington


Who can benefit from aerial yoga ?

Almost Everyone ! (with some exceptions) As with any yoga class there are many different styles of practice and each instructor has his or her own style, but we do offer aerial yoga for beginners and seasoned students alike.  Don't be shy in asking your instructor questions in regards to your goals and your aspirations for wanting to practice aerial yoga.   Below is a list of contraindications, if after reading through them you still feel uncertain as to whether or not you can attend, please contact the studio directly and ask questions, or you may also set up a private session for your first time in order to explore the practice at your own pace.  

Please note the following contraindications:

Absolute (meaning that aerial yoga should be avoided)


Inner Ear Conditions

Recent Surgery


Recent Concussion or Head Injury


Recent Stroke

Botox (within 24 hours)

Pregnancy beyond the 1st Trimester

Propensity for Fainting


Hiatal Hernia

Sutures in any part of the body

Recent gashes, lacerations, or wounds

If you are taking any medications that can cause dizziness, light headedness, propensity for fainting, or extreme fatigue


(It may be possible to attend an aerial yoga class with modifications (such as leaving out inversions) pending a discussion with your physician and/or proceeding with caution.  You may also consider a private aerial session)


Artificial Hips

Head Cold, Flu or Sinusitis

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Severe Arthritis

Disc Herniation

Severe Balance Issues

Severe Muscle Spasms

Severe Neck or Back Pain

Heart Disease



Sacred Rebel Yoga Studio offers classes suitable for beginners, intermediates, and advanced aerial participants. When choosing an aerial class, be certain you select the class that is best for you.  In all our classes, it is our primary goal to ensure you will always feel safe, encouraged, uplifted and loved and only at your own pace, able to explore new spaces of awareness within your hammock.   

All of our classes place the aerial yoga hammock at a hip height.  This will encourage a practice that allows you to experience inversions and the feeling of taking flight.  The hammock will be compressing various areas of the body, similar to a deep tissue massage, therefore, please note the list of contraindications to ensure your experience with aerial yoga provides the greatest benefits for you, body, mind, and spirit. 

Do I have to have a strong core and upper body strength?

Practicing aerial yoga will build upper body strength, and having a strong core and upper body strength will enhance your aerail practice. If you are new to aerial yoga, it isn't required that you have a strong grip or strong upper body, but you will definitely build it as you go !  We offer modifications for varying levels of physical ability and will always help and encourage you to be your best.  

When you first start practicing aerial yoga at Sacred Rebel, you may notice feeling and movement in muscles in your upper body that you haven't used before. You may also find that you are surprised at the strength you have ! That's the great thing about yoga, it meets you where you are and you build your practice from there ! One of my favorite things is seeing the confidence of Sacred Rebels grow during their practice !

For advanced classes, you will need to have the confidence and ability to grip the hammock and lift and climb into certain postures, but you will gain this as you continue to practice. Its a beautiful thing to step onto the mat or into your hammock one day and realize you're doing something that you couldn't do a week ago. 

Can I take aerial class if I am pregnant?

Only if you are within your first trimester is it safe to participate in an aerial yoga practice.  As a general rule, it is never a good idea to begin a new fitness practice during pregnancy. 

Do I need a mat to practice?

Sacred Rebel provides mats for no additional fee. 

The mat sits directly underneath the hammock and provides support and comfort while standing, kneeling, and lying down during the flow. 

What should I wear?

Leggings that cover to at least your knees and a top that is snug fitting to your body.  If you wear a loose fitting top or t shirt, we suggest wearing a tight fitting tank or body suit underneath. This will ensure that your experience is most comfortable and you aren't tugging or pulling your top down when inversions and also that the fabric doesn't rub directly on your skin. (Ouch)  Also, we ask that you remove all jewelry including earrings, bracelets, and necklaces prior to class. Lastly, if you are a smoker please refrain from smoking prior to class and please do not wear any perfumes or colognes.  This will prevent the fabric of the hammocks from smelling funky for the next person. 

What is a typical class like?

All aerial classes curretnly offered at Sacred Rebel have the hammock adjusted to hip height.  The class will begin with a gentle warm up, connection to the breath and setting of an intention,followed by a flow including stretches and balance work, meditation time on or in the hammock, and the opportunity to explore a new perspective (invert) !  Class always closes  with time to relax, absorb, and reflect in a wonderful sacred floating cocoon. 

Core Aerial Fusion Classes: This class begins with core activation, breathing techniques to focus and change up your energy, and stretching. We then explore strength training toning, and core engagement. We always incorporate lengthening and releasing in between each core exercise. You will leave feeling ready to conquer your day !

Still have questions ? 

Contact the studio by phone or  submit your question using our feedback form at the bottom of our home page.