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Sacred Hot Yoga


Sacred Hot Yoga Method honors the Barkan Method, practiced at temperatures of 95 - 105' . Sacred Hot Yoganconsiders the body and hot yoga postures to be sacred and the place of practice to be a temple. There is a strong spiritual element to this class and it is our intention that students leave feeling uplifted and more deeply connected to the Holy Spirit and God of their understanding. Classes currently offered 

Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays at 9 am 

Sacred Rebel Soul Sweat


 Sacred Rebel Soul Sweat is a HOT class taught in an intimate space with temps between 104' and 111' and 40 - 60 % humidity. This class combines traditional hot yoga poses with a fun Rebel flow set to upbeat grooves that assure you leave feeling a Sacred Rebel kind of cleansed ! This ain't your mamma's yoga ! Space is limited to 5 per class. Classes currently Mondays 5:30 pm, Thursdays 5:30 am and Saturdays 10:30 am 

Core Power Aerial Fusion


Core power yoga will hep you develop the strong body you want while using breath to strengthen and clear the mind. This is a strenuous and vigorous workout but without the typical feeling of exhaustion after. This is because as physically demanding as it may be, it still involves the spiritual and meditational elements yoga was founded upon. Simply put, core power yoga allows you to get both physical and mental exercise at one time. The best part is that students get their final savasana inside the lovely silk cocoon of the aerial hammock.  Classes Tuesday and Wednesday mornings 5:30 am. This is a class worth getting up for ! 

Aerial Yoga



This class encourages students to quiet the mind, untangle knotted energy, build a solid core and feel closer to heaven ! The first half of the class if primarily on the mat using the silk hammocks as support to gain greater flexibility and control while in challenging postures. The second half of class brings students inside the hammocks providing an anti gravity practice and inversion therapy.  No prior experience is necessary. Gain confidence to grow your wings and take flight with our advanced level class. Classes currently offered:

Tuesday 6 pm Strength & Stretch

Saturday 9:00 am Intermediate

10:30: Beginner

Sunday: Noon - Beginner

Tuesdays: 6 pm Strength and Stretch

Beginner Hatha Yoga


 This class is taught in a non heated space to a wonderfully uplifting playlist  - It's geared to accommodate those who may have a limited range of motion or who may not have exercised in some time. Class time will focus heavily on the importance of breathe work and posture alignment while encouraging the student to relax, let go and connect to their highest and greatest good. Classes currently offered Sundays at 2 pm, Tuesday & Thursday evenings at 6.

Yin Yoga


 Are you one who is always on the go? Constantly giving of yourself to the demands of a job, a family, a home etc... but rarely take time to nourish your body, mind and spirit  - quiet the mind, truly relax and give back to our body what you take from it every day ? Are you already really active, lifting weights, marshal arts, or a regular daily yoga practice ? OR are you never active, constantly sitting, afraid you don't have the flexibility or stamina to climb into a yoga hammock or set foot into a hot yoga class... Then yin yoga is for YOU. This is a class for all ages, body types and fitness levels. (Even zero fitness level)  It is done entirely on the mat, on the floor. Set to beautifully meditative music, and infused with lots of delights for the senses including essential oils, soft cozy blankets, blocks and bolsters to ensure you are completely comfortable, supported and enveloped in peace for this hour long reset ! Classes currently offered Mondays at 7pm or by appointment.

Class Descriptions, Contd.

Rise and Shine Sacred Salutations


Taught in a heated room - between 94-104' this class focuses on balance, core strength, alignment and heart openers through a series of sun salutations to include postures such as down dog, planks, up dog, cobra, chaturanga, and low lunges. Suitable for all levels - this class will encourage a beautiful way to start your day ! Currently taught Monday & Friday mornings at 5:30 am.

Ashtanga Yoga Thursday Nights


In this hour long class, Teresa will lead students through an abbreviated set of the Ashtanga yoga series. This class is similar to our Bikram based class (Sacred Rebel Sweat) in that it will have a set sequence and series of postures - however this class will not be taught in a heated space. This class will challenge your strength, help you to focus on your breath, and help you to develop and maintain balance by finding a focal point (drishti) during each pose. In this class, you can expect to have hands on adjustments and with the instructor walking around the room, you will get a chance to develop your practice relying more on verbal cues and less watching the front of the room.  Students may be led through an opening and closing chant.

Sacred Tapas - Rebel Vibe


Get ready to Raise Your Vibration with this authentic, rigorous and explorative heated class. Inspired by the third Niyama (Tapas – translated Internal Fire) and a desire to turn our tragedies into triumphs –you will be encouraged to develop the spiritual enthusiasm and self discipline to find your inner Phoenix rise out of the ashes, and emerge a stronger more authentic version of yourself ! Set to a fresh flow of music, you will be led through postures that teach you true growth and learning happen outside of your comfort zone. While this class is suitable for all levels - -you will go head to head with your own ego, burning off impurities, testing your endurance, holding postures for a longer period of time, & learning that “Life without tapas is like a heart without love.” – 

BKS Iyengar. 

Strength and Stretch Aerial


Strength and Stretch Aerial will build a strong core and great upper body strength. It will take your flexibility to new heights - using the silks to deepen and strengthen mat postures. Some classes will contain optional inversions and climbs. Modifications are always welcomed, but be prepared to challenge yourself ! 

Connect (Partner) Yoga


Not to be confused with acro Yoga where one partner hoists the other into poses, this class is designed for all levels and most ages where partners move through poses mutually beneficial to one another. I called it Connect because this class is meant to build and strengthen the bond between its participants. Be it friendships, coupled relationships, siblings, or parents, this hour long class will ignite connection , increase flexability, improve communication and be a time of love, laughter, and true heart connection.  A private couple class is $80 or bring along a group for group pricing of just $35 per couple (minimum of 3 partners or $105). Available by appointment only.

Private Combo Classes


Unsure what type of yoga you'd like to try - not wanting to come to a group class ? Schedule a private class for yourself or a group of friends and family. A sample of mat yoga, aerial yoga, partner yoga, and restorative yoga is combined into a 1.5 hour class session. Minimum $100 studio fee - (includes up to 3 people) $20 per person after that.  Available by appointment only.