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Hi ! Thanks for visiting our site ! We are a tribe of Sacred Rebels. We are passionate about yoga and our community. We love sharing the gift yoga has been to us in our own lives. We love our tribe hard. We dare to be authentic and we always have each other's backs. From the moment you step foot in the door of our sacred little studio - you'll be a rebel too. So if you're ready to discover your own passion, embrace and explore your unique gifts and talents and really start living life to the fullest - join us in any one of our nearly 100 classes per month. Your journey is about to get sweeter, with a little side of Rebel spice !

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. Make sure to expand the menu button on your phone app to see more content or follow the links at the top of page on your desk top computer. We can't wait to see you in a class soon !

Boys and Girls Club Back To School Class

Giving Back

We Believe in Giving Back

In our first year of operation, Sacred Rebel Yoga Studio has donated nearly $3,000 back into our community.

We have partnered with both the Farmington Boy's and Girl's Club, San Juan Regional Hospital, Family First Chiropractic, Farmington Regional Animal Shelter, and Southwest New Mexico Sexual Assault Services to provide fund raising, marketing, employee appreciation events as well as free classes. 

It is our joy to be a continuing part of our community's well being as we look for ways to give back throughout 2019.

If you have a group, organization, individual or idea for fund raising and giving back in our community, please contact us ! We would like to discuss partnering with you this year !

With Love from Our Hearts to Yours,

The Sacred Rebel Yoga Team

Chantell, Mariah, Monica, Soly, Teresa, Leah, Megan & Renee

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Click below to send more information about your group or idea for partnering to give back in 2019 !

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Our Talented Tribe

Our Talented Tribe

Our Talented Tribe


 We offer a variety of classes including Aerial Yoga, HOT yoga, Non Heated, Restorative, YIN and Aerial Arts classes as well as private events, such as birthday parties, bachelorette and ladies nights, family night out, partner connect sessions, corporate yoga, and Studio on The Go ! With 7 teachers and nearly 100 classes per month, the only thing we can say - is you'll have a tough time picking a favorite ! Come get zen with us !

New Class !

Our Talented Tribe

Our Talented Tribe


New Class Alert ! We are thrilled to welcome Leah Lien to our tribe of Sacred Rebels ! She will be teaching a Hot Power Flow every other Wednesday evening at 7:30 pm. Join her for this heated class emphasis on core strength, flexibility, and balance. Practice utilizing your breath as you flow through each sequence, allowing your heart rate to excel then decline in static postures; ending with a period of total relaxation. 

Real Testimonials

Our Talented Tribe

Try Us ! You'll LOVE us !

Farmington Yoga, Aerial Yoga in Farmington, Hot Yoga in Farmington, Sacred Rebel Yoga in Farmington

Our clients are more than students - more than members - they are family ! We consider this space sacred and everyone who chooses to practice at Sacred Rebel becomes part of our Sacred Rebel Soul Tribe ! You will feel encouraged, uplifted, empowered, and truly a part of something amazing !

Try Us ! You'll LOVE us !

What's The Latest Buzz ...

Try Us ! You'll LOVE us !


This is one seriously Rebellious deal ! Are you unsure what class or style you might like ? Buy a 7 day pass for just $27 on your first visit - come to any 7 of our classes for the next 7 days for just $27 !! 

(Available in studio only) *not applicable to workshops or special events.

What's The Latest Buzz ...

What's The Latest Buzz ...

What's The Latest Buzz ...


Look who's joined the Sacred Rebel Tribe ! We are so happy to welcome ERIN BENSON to our team of Sacred Rebels ! She is currently teaching Monday mornings at 9 am, and Friday afternoons at 4:30 pm. Erin's mindful way of teaching will have you exploring the full possibilities of your practice. Her class is always suitable to all levels! 


What's The Latest Buzz ...

What's The Latest Buzz ...

Yoga FAQ Yoga in Farmington, Farmington Yoga, Hot Yoga, Aerial Yoga in Farmington,

You've got Questions - We've got answers ! If you don't see what you're looking for - please send me a message or text me at 505.947.9152 - I'm happy to help ! If I don't have an answer - I'll do my best to get one for you ! We are all just doing the very best we can with what we know in this present moment ! How authentically awesome is that little tidbit of truth ? !

Sacred Rebels (Our Amazing Team of Yogis)


Chantell, ERYT 200 Owner, Instructor

Chantell, ERYT 200 Owner, Instructor

Chantell, ERYT 200 Owner, Instructor

Chantell, ERYT 200 certified in both Aerial Yoga and the Sacred Hot Yoga Method. I love meeting and connecting with my students. Encouraging them to see themselves as the beautiful beings they were created to be. My personal mission statement ; To brainwash you into believing in yourself and knowing that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. I currently teach Core / Aerial Combo classes Tuesday and  mornings at 5:30, Hot yoga Wednesday mornings at 5:30 and Wednesday evening at 6, as well as every other Friday at 6pm. I teach an all levels Aerial class on Saturday mornings from 9-10:30and Tuesday evenings at 6. Check the schedule for ever expanding classes ! I encourage you to try all our classes and all our instructors to see who and what style resonates with you. I'm confident you will fall in love with YOU and your practice !


Monica, ERYT 300 Instructor

Chantell, ERYT 200 Owner, Instructor

Chantell, ERYT 200 Owner, Instructor

Monica has earned certifications to teach Yoga as a 200 hour trained teacher with Heart and Core Yoga in Cortez as well as 100 hours in Aerial Yoga and the Sacred Hot Yoga Method in Albuquerque.  She says what she most loves about yoga is that it has taught her to be compassionate with herself, to embrace life in the NOW, to laugh often and to love big And if she can convey this to her students, that is what she strives to do. Monica currently teaches Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 5:30 am, Saturday mornings at 7 am and Sunday mornings at 10:30 am.


ERIN, ERYT 300 Instructor

Chantell, ERYT 200 Owner, Instructor

ERIN, ERYT 300 Instructor

Erin Benson's passions are music, movement, and medicine. She began practicing Yoga in 2007 and received her 300 hr Yoga and Ayurveda training from Yoga Awareness International in 2015.

Since then, she has taken over 850 hours of professional training in the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning from The Pilates Connection in Durango, Co. Completing her apprenticeship in 2016.

She loves sharing what she's learned and believes that we all have the power to make positive change in our lives. Her stake as a teacher is to hold sacred space for any and all to "come home to themselves" through the process of mindful movements and self-reflection. 

Erin currently teaches Monday mornings at 9 am and Friday evenings at 4:30pm

Sacred Rebels (Our Amazing Team of Yogis)


Teresa, RYT200, 60 hours Aerial Instructor

Teresa, RYT200, 60 hours Aerial Instructor

Teresa, RYT200, 60 hours Aerial Instructor

Hi, I am Teresa. I currently have my 60 hours of asanas, rigging, anatomy and related courses and my RYT 200 certification. Teaching yoga has brought so much happiness and peace into my life. As a former athlete and gymnast, yoga and aerial yoga have completely helped me regain my strength and flexibility, not to mention the great peace and calm it gives me each and every day. Teresa currently teaches aerial yoga every other Tuesday at 6 pm and Hot yoga every other Thursday at 6 pm


Leah, ERYT 200 Instructor

Teresa, RYT200, 60 hours Aerial Instructor

Teresa, RYT200, 60 hours Aerial Instructor

Leah Lien, RYT 200, Master Trainer

Leah has been practicing yoga and meditation for 15 years and completed her 200 hour teacher training through Purity Yoga in 2014, Master Training Certification in 2015. She is passionate about teaching yoga and sharing the mental and physical benefits to all ages. As a mother to three, she has a special emphasis and interest in the youth athletes. One of her favorite pastimes is guiding teams through a yoga practice, watching athletes young and old discover the benefits of breath, core strength, flexibility, injury prevention and how they aid in recovery. 


Megan, RYT200 Instructor

Teresa, RYT200, 60 hours Aerial Instructor

Megan, RYT200 Instructor

Hi, I'm Megan.  I have completed my 200 hour registered Yoga Teacher training.  Yoga is an important part of my daily life and I have been practicing yoga on a regular basis for the last two years.  Practicing yoga is what keeps me balanced and strong,  not just physically but emotionally.  My hope is that sharing my love of yoga with others will help them find their balance and strength.  Megan currently teaches every other Wednesday at 7:30 pm and every other Friday at 6 pm. 

Sacred Rebels (Our Amazing Team of Yogis)


Renee, RYT 200 Instructor

Currently Seeking Substitute Yoga Instructors

Currently we have space for an LMT

Hi, I'm Renee ! I completed my 200 hour RYT training this past spring and I could not be more excited to start sharing this practice I love with you all ! I found yoga at a time when I truly needed it, physically and emotionally, and from the first class I was hooked ! I am a momma to 3 wild babes who I love to adventure with. I can't wait to meet you in my next class !


Currently we have space for an LMT

Currently Seeking Substitute Yoga Instructors

Currently we have space for an LMT

Sacred Rebel Yoga Studio has a beautiful space for a licensed massage practitioner, Reiki practitioner, or other holistic provider. If you think you may want to offer your services at our sacred space in the time between classes, please call or message the studio !


Currently Seeking Substitute Yoga Instructors

Currently Seeking Substitute Yoga Instructors

Currently Seeking Substitute Yoga Instructors

Do you teach yoga ? If you'd like to be considered to guest teach or sub when one of our instructors is unavailable, please call or come by the studio. We'd love to chat with you to see if you'd be a good fit for our Sacred Rebel team !

Massage Menu / Price List


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: I'm not flexible. Can I do yoga ?  

 A: One of my favorite quotes is, "I would like for people to understand that Yoga is not about touching your toes."  Yoga is more about flexibility of the mind than in the body. We begin with believing that we can, and progress in our postures follows naturally. Some people can practice yoga for years and still never touch their toes. The body reacts to movement differently in every person. Your practice will be different every time you come to the mat. The beautiful thing about yoga is that it meets you where you are in the present moment. You build your practice from there.  

Q: Does yoga promote weight loss ?  

A: Many people experience muscle tone and weight loss as a benefit of yoga. More than anything, yoga promotes a healthy relationship between body and spirit which facilitates mindful habits of more healthy living. When we start to appreciate the body for all it is and all it can be, we feel a greater desire to take the best possible care of it.

Q: How often do I have to do yoga? 

A: Once you experience the benefits of yoga, the question will become, how often CAN I do yoga ? The answer is another one of my favorite quotes, "Practice yoga once a week and you'll change your mind. Practice yoga three times a week and you'll change your body. Practice yoga every day and you'll change your life."  



March 17, 2018· 

Took my first class today (aerial yoga) and I'm so excited to continue taking classes! Chantell was so encouraging and welcoming. Also I felt absolutely fantastic afterward and ready to take on the world!


April 3, 2018 · 

Loved partner yoga class tonight, thank you. Intimate and relaxing we left feeling a connection


Megan M.reviewed Sacred Rebel Yoga Studio5 star

December 2, 2017 · 

Chantelle is amazing and works so well with newcomers! The first time I went to try out her Aerial class, she was so encouraging. She knew exactly what to say to ease my fear of being in the air and she stepped in to help my form. The atmosphere she creates makes it impossible to only go once! I'm so grateful I tried out Sacred Rebel and highly encourage others to try out any of her classes!


Suzy W. reviewed Sacred Rebel Yoga Studio5 star

November 9, 2017 · 

Very peaceful environment. Loved it loved it!! Will definitely be coming back !


October 3, 2017 · 

Had an amazing time here this morning taking my first class with Chantell. Her presence was full of love and very welcoming. The studio exceeded my expectations! Leaving class, I felt completely ready to tackle my day. The energy I gathered from class was more than enough to spread to others throughout my day. Thank you so much for today. Namaste


September 5, 2017 · 

Loved everything about my first yoga session! I felt very welcomed from the moment I walked in the door. I love that she offers the early morning class so I can start my day off right! Thank you so much!!


September 1, 2017 · 

I had so much fun and loved every aspect. The environment was so welcoming and there is absolutely no judgement. Chantell guides you through each pose and never makes you do anything you're not comfortable doing. I highly recommend trying it.


Nikki P.  reviewed Sacred Rebel Yoga Studio5 star

August 30, 2017 · 

I tried aerial yoga for the first time last night. I have always been afraid of attempting it. Chantell was helpful and very encouraging. I had a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it again.


August 28, 2017 · 

Chantell and Sacred Rebel Yoga is INCREDIBLE!!! I LOVE hot yoga! The space is GORGEOUS, calming & perfect! It was magical!


August 28, 2017 · 

I loved the experience and Chantell is amazing at relaxing you and working you through the Yoga moves! Thanks for a wonderful Yoga experience Chantel!


August 28, 2017 · 

This class was absolutely amazing! I was so scared to do Ariel yoga being a heavier girl but I was wrong! I will definitely be back. Thank you Chantell!!


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